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Weight loss made easy


Weight loss made easy

There is no fixed formula for losing weight. There are several routes that one can achieve this through according to their preferences and feasibilities. Here are the tips given by nutritionists for those who are not able to lower the weight despite efforts:

Decrease carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and fats are the main source for weight increase. Therefore, portions of these should be less and should take more proteins instead. Protein powder mixed in milk or protein shakes are okay. These make the stomach feel full.

Burn calories

There is no substitute to daily exercise. Most of us stay sedentary at our jobs and daily life. This is very dangerous to health. There is no need to go to the gym for exercise, a brisk daily walk is enough most of the time.

Increase metabolism rate

Increased rate of metabolism burns more calories. Daily exercise along with metabolites in the food serve this purpose, some examples are green tea, green coffee, acai berry, garcinia, etc.

Keep observing your weight daily. Note the changes before and after following the tips mentioned. Results will dictate changes in the regimen if any.