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Role of dry fruits in beauty


Many of us may not know the benefits of dry fruits and very few know that these are great sources for obtaining beauty. Here are the suggestions made by some experts on how to use dry fruits for cosmetic purpose:


These have abundance of fatty acids and proteins. Very useful for pimples. Face pack with almonds is very good for the face. Almond paste made after grinding the wet powder should be applied to the face, which gives instant glow to the skin. Hair attains glow with the use of almond oil.

Dry grapes:

Taking a few dry grapes everyday keeps the eyes healthy. These also aid in keeping the teeth healthy and preventing tooth decay. These have vitamin A, which apparently is called the eye vitamin. The antioxidant reservetrol present in these is a great skin tonic. This helps ageing skin by removing unwanted skin folds.


These are also called akruts. We may not like the taste of these but the nutrients present in these are very important. These have omega 3 fatty acids, which aid in heart health. These are also a great food for dry skin. Mix a few walnuts in 3 tablespoons of curd and use the mixture as soap on the skin. The linolic acid present in walnuts keeps the folds and marks on the skin away. Another important thing is that walnuts are very good for the brain. Omega acids present in them also help the heart.

Cashew nuts:

Limited intake of cashews is good for health. Weight loss can be achieved with optimal intake. The oil present in the cashew nuts is used in many beauty products. This can repair the skin tanned by sun light. It can also work for foot cracks. The vitamin E present also repairs the ageing skin. Helps in controlling cholesterol, blood sugar, and high blood pressure. This also acts as a good medicine for migraine.


Pista has a number of nutrients. High quantities of vitamin E that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. This also has rare ingredients like keratanoids, lutein, zixontin, etc. the antioxidants present preserve the skin glow and fight cancer. Also helps digestion and control blood sugar. Also help in keeping the heart problems away.

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