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Saturday, 18 February 2017 14:33

Heroine kidnapped, molested and photographed

The case of noted heroin Bhavana getting kidnapped and molested is the talk of the town now. She was reportedly stalked and kidnapped by some men when she was on her way from work on Friday. She was hijacked in her car and was molested in the car for 1 hour after which she was let free. It is also reported that she was photographed during this 1 hour. This happened in Ernakulam district of Kerala.

Bhavana later went to a producer's house nearby after the incident who informed police. Police took her former driver Martin into custody related to this case but the key accuse Sunil is still absconding. Police registered molestation and kidnap charges on these. Martin was removed as driver by Bhavan after she came to know that he was resorting to false propaganda about her. Bhavana acted in several films in Telugu like Nippu, Ontari, Mahatma, etc. She acted in a total of about 70 films in South Indian languages.

Friday, 17 February 2017 19:14

Bitter news from TRAI to Jio users

Jio from Reliance created ripples in Indian telecom industry by announcing free data but here come a sad news for its users. TRAI announced that the data speed of Jio has come down by half. It stated that Airtel keeps it place as the fastes 4G network followed by Idea and Vodafone. While Jio stood top in this list in December but fell down to last place now.

For the month of January, Airtel stands at the first place with 11.62 mbps speed, Jio registered only an average of 8.345 mbps. This speed was 18.146 mbps till December last. Idea and Vodafone stood in the next 2 places at 10.562 and 10.301 mbps respectively.

After it seemed everything is going fine for Sasikala Natarajan's faction with Palaniswamy being invited to form government, here comes a rude shock to them. Former DGP and Mailapur MLA, Nataraj turned against them stating that he won elections with Amma's photo and cannot help her detractors. He also reportedly informed Palaniswamy that he will go into elections once again with the same agenda if needed. This came as a rude shock to Palaniswamy.

On the other hand, other members of the camp are also unhappy with people like Sengottiyan getting minister posts. Amma in her days did not give Sengottiyan second chance in the cabinet though he won consecutive elections. This did not go well with Amma's followers and it is reported that about 30 to 40 MLAs revolted against Palaniswamy. But, Palaniswamy is trying to coerce them his best. Time will tell whether the revolting MLAs will stand by him or make his chief minister position just momentary.

Thursday, 16 February 2017 18:11

NTR's soul will also commit suicide: Jagan

Talking about the putting Telugu self-respect at the feet in Delhi, YCP supremo Jagan said that the late NTR's soul will die of agony seeing the spite of the present leaders of his party that was started with the sole motto of saving self-respect. He was addressing youth during the program Yuvabheri held in Guntur today. He criticized Chandra Babu Naidu stating that he lying about the same thing again and again and giving false promises about new industries. He forecasted that people of AP will merge Chandra Babu Naidu's government in Bay of Bengal. He said that his focus is not on money unlike Chandra Babu Naidu and alleged that Chandra Babu Naidu is fond of commissions in projects.

He lamented the fact that while Telangana, which was improbable at one time, was achieved by its people, why cannot we fight for special status that was promised in parliament. He stated that all MPs of YCP will resign after August and will show the whole country their dissent and that AP people will not rest until special status is achieved. He said emotionally that his sole goal is to have his photo besides his father's in every house after his death and that is the reason why "I want to become the chief minister", he said. He promised that he will be like his father in terms of staying with his people.

Thursday, 16 February 2017 18:10

New smartphone with 256 gb memory

Noted mobile maker Huwaii is going to come up with a new phone to its customers. It announced that it will be exhibiting a new phone during Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona on 26th of this month. It is going to come up with a flagship model P10 that will be a step ahead from its existing flagship P9.

Recently, specifications of this mobile made news. The Huwaii P10 will have 300 mAH battery and will have dual sim (P9 available in India has only 1 sim). It will have 1440 x 2560 PPI resolution 5.5 inch quad-HD display and will have android Naugat operating system.

In a major tragedy in Madhapur, a women software employee was murdered. Sunitha working in monster.com left home for office as usual but didn’t return. After some time, a dead body half burnt was found in a secluded place near Madhapur prompting police to register case and investigate. Police called Sunitha's parents for identification and they did to their agony.

The murderers killed her before trying to burn her body. Police are on a massive manhunt to find the culprits after Sunitha's parents identified their daughter. Her parents are clueless about the culprits as they say they don’t have any enemies. Police are investigating in the aspect of whether the killers were strangers are familiar to the deceased.

Thursday, 16 February 2017 13:53

Sasikala gets her pick as CM

Tamil Nadu Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao invited Palaniswami who was selected by the AIADMK general secretary to replace V K Sasikala as the legislature party leader to form the government in the state. He will be sworn-in as the new CM at 4 pm on Thursday and has been given 15 days to prove majority in assembly.

The Sasikala camp claimed 124 MLAs in their support and it seems governor has gone by numbers and not public sentiment, which is against the Palanisami camp. Earlier, the Governor had invited Palaniswami to meet him at the Raj Bhawan. Palaniswami was elected by the AIADMK legislature party as their leader after the Supreme Court convicted Sasikala in the 1996 disproportionate assets case and sent her to four-year jail.

Sasikala reached Bangalore to get surrendered before the court. In the context of Sasikala getting convicted, Chandra Babu Naidu made some sensational comments on her. He was taking on the occasion of taking congress MLC Chengalrayudu into the party fold. He said that nobody can escape from law and it will have its course. He went ahead and said that there are people similar to Sasikala Natarajan in the state of AP also.

He questioned the need for such people staying in politics. While saying that corrupted people in AP amassed more black money than Sasikala, he reminded how the honorable Supreme Court expressed unhappiness about corruption in politics. However, even though he does know that Jayalalitha is also a co-convict in the case, he didn’t dare say anything about her. If one would think that he chose not to comment on her as she is no more, he still continues to get after late YSR. Netizens are also making satirical comments on Chandra Babu Naidu's latest statements. They are saying if a proper investigation on vote for note case is undertaken, people like Sasikala from AP will be uncovered.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 20:37

Super valentine's day gift by Sam to Chai

Apparently, the hottest love story in Tollywood of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya is soon going to end in marriage. Do you know what they did this valentine's day. The couple is obviously known for doing the same outside movies, ala having the same tattoo.

The two celebrated their valentine's day in a special way yesterday. Samantha posted a pic of her kissing chai on instagram. It is clearly seen that they both are wearing the same clothes. This picture is now viral in the internet world.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 14:02

Unbelievable anger in Sasikala

At a time when the Supreme Court ordered Chinnamma to surrender herself immediately, everybody was shocked seeing the anger shown by her at Jaya's memorial before leaving to the court. There were several comments made that they have never seen such an anger in an otherwise calm individual. While a clear fury is seen on her face, she was observed banging her hands at the memorial and taking some sort of an oath to the extreme shock of even AIADMK leaders. Though it is not clear what exactly she spoke there, her intention seems clear.

Her aim is to keep Panneer Selvam away from power and the one chosen by her to become the chief minister. Reaching to Jaya's memorial from Pois Garden, she was seen in a sullen facial expression. She folded her hands in front of Amma's memorial and was observed taking oath. At this time, the whole surrounding is seen raising slogans in her support. However, those who observed her body language felt that she is confident that she will come out of the jail pretty soon and that the party will not scuttle out.

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