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Saturday, 21 January 2017 15:47

Shocking answer by RBI

Is India moving towards an impending financial crisis. Are the decisions taken by Modi and Urjit Patel push us into darkness of no return? The happenings say might be. After pushing people into no man's land with big note ban, Modi and his co are facing tough questions regarding the alternate big not of 2000. An organization named Factly approached the Reserve Bank through RTI about the value and exact amounts of old and new big notes published and taken back.

The shocking answer from the RBI is that it has no clear information about that. This means it literally does not know how much cash was printed and what happened to it. No one would have expected such a careless and irresponsible answer from the apex bank.

Giving strength to this answer, RBI governor Urjit Patel sweated his palms to withstand the questions posed by PAC about the note ban and further developments, only saved by the former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Seeing the overall situation, we are going towards an impending bankruptcy.

Saturday, 21 January 2017 15:46

Unique act by telugu tammullu

Apparently, the most important thing in politics is publicity. Politicians can go to any extent for it. the same got proved by TDP leaders in Amaravathi region after Jagan's visit and see how they utilized this. Jagan visited the region to stand by the smaller and poor farmers who lost lands in capital and facing difficulties to get compensation and expressed his solidarity. This visit turned tense though managed to end peacefully. But, the local TDP leaders started out an unique exhibition of their dissent.

The lead a rally with water taken from the local sacred pond after mixing it with turmeric with banners containing the matter to clean the area after the visit of corruption monster. They cleaned throughout the path visited by Jagan's convoy from Nidamarru old bus stand to taluka center spraying the turmeric water. Later, this moved to taluka center followed by palabhishekam of BR Ambedkar statue near bus stand, statues of Jagajevan Ram, NTR and MSS. They are quite pleased with the publicity they managed to get finally.

Friday, 20 January 2017 23:17

Cheapest phone for Jio

Whichever business Reliance enters, their principle is pretty simple – blow away competitors. It followed the same with Jio sending shivers down the spine of other telecom companies forcing them to alter profitable plans to stay in line. Now, Jio has come up with a feature phone to provide volte services that supports their network. Phone manufacturers are worried that will end their sales too.

While there is excitement in the air regarding this feature phone, the official photos of this phone surfaced on the internet. This phone works with keyboard. This phone will have dedicated buttons for Myjio, Jiotv, Jiocinema, Jiomusic and the price is 1500 rupees approximately.

Trisha is facing the ire of many celebrities after she came out open in support of ban against Jallikattu the traditional sport. Many are expressing anger over PETA, the organization behind the ban. Social media is filled up with abusive messages against those supporting the ban. The abuse went on to the extent terming Trisha dead on social media. The agitations are on the rise against the ban in Tamil Nadu. Choreographer cum director Lawrence came out in support of Jallikattu.

He joined students in their agitation in Marina beach on Wednesday. Talking to the people, he said that he will provide food and water to the people participating in the agitation and he will not care if the cost is more than crore. He expressed happiness that the Tamil industry has united for the cause of Jallikattu and termed it as the one that showcases the culture of Tamil. He expressed anger that some foreign companies are trying to stop it and called the people to fight them. He expressed hope that the central government will come down at least after watching the agitation.

Friday, 20 January 2017 23:15

Deepa causing sleepless nights to Sasikala

We all know there is political vacuum prevail in Tamil Nadu post death of Jayalalitha. There is war to become the heir of Jaya between two factions, Sasikala and Deepa. With Deepa announcing that she is foraying into politics, this tussle has deepened now. She is the daughter of Jayalalitha's brother Siva Kumar and resembles her to some extent. This resulted in huge following among masses for her. The ploy of confronting the supporters of Sasikala in Marina Beach resulting in some sort of a tussle seems to be premeditated.

Deepa who studied in London was brought up by Jayalalitha in childhood before Deepa's family moved to a different house. Deepa was not allowed to visit Jaya during the 75 days of hospitalization and was kept away from the last rites. These insults coupled with resemblance to her aunt is resulting unparallel support from the people to her much to the dismay of Sasikala and her supporters.

On the occasion of birth anniversary of last MGR, the programs organized turned out to be a war between the two factions. Sasikala herself observed the support Deepa found in the people when she visited the MGR ghat. Though Sasikala managed to pay homage first as she has the power, it took the police hell of a task to clear people for Deepa to visit the ghat. Seems like Deepa is going to cause sleepless nights to Sasikala in the very near future.

Chaganti Koteswara Rao is the name synonymous for mythological speeches in bhakti as well as other channels. But apparently, a case has been filed against him by yadav community stating that he is demeaning their community. He is said to have stated some demeaning words about yadav community while describing the greatness of Lord Krishna.

Some youth belonging to Yadav community are even posting abusive videos on youtube against Chaganti. But saddened by all these controversies, Chaganti has taken a sensational decision to stop speeches from now on. He is deliberating with his family members about this decision and is said to have expressed anguish about repeated cases against him while he is doing service to god. Hurt by the repeated trolling, he almost decided to stop preaching as that will put an end to all controversies.

Raising eyebrows by already stating that half of world's wealth with 8 billionaires, human rights organization Oxfam revealed some interesting things about India during world economic forum conference. It stated that 57 billionaires of India hold about 216 billion dollars meaning 14.58 lakh crores of wealth and this equals to about 70% of the same held by below poverty people. In its report named An Economy of 99 Percent, it said that while rich became richer in India, poor became poorer.

Stating that 84 billionaires in India hold a wealth amounting to 6750 crores and have 248 million dollars equal to 16.74 lac crores. Stating that the total wealth in India is 3.1 trillion dollars, it estimated in the coming 20 years, 500 people in the country will amass a wealth of 2.1 trillion dollars. It also stated that by that time the population will reach 130 crores. People below the poverty line lost about 15% of their wealth, it said. There is growing unjust in wage pay to women, daily laborers, especially there is great disparity in financial situation among people working in the field of agriculture in villages.

Apparently, there is large political vacuum in Tamil Nadu after the death of Jayalalitha. Though there have been gossips that Rajini will foray into politics, there has been no confirmation till now. But, now there is growing pressure on him from his fans to take part in active politics. Though he has not reacted on this, there are strong rumors that he is in fact making his entry into politics.

This rumor gained momentum with Sarath Kumar saying they will stop him by all means to enter politics. His comments caused extreme fury among Rajini's fans and they are seen all over the roads burning effigies of Sarath Kumar and staging dharnas. But, there is still no official word from Rajini himself.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 10:14

High tension as Chiranjeevi's flexes damaged

Tension mounted in Krishna district as miscreants destroyed Chiranjeevi and Vangaveeti Ranga flexies erected in a theater. Fans of both Chiranjeevi and Ranga came out on roads and staged rasta rokho. This incident happened in Atapaka village in Kaikaluru mandal reportedly.

Fans of Bhimavaram and Kaikalur came out on roads in anger, which forced police to give assurance that the culprits will be nabbed but that did not calm the agitators. The situation is still tense out there and police say that they are examining CC TV footage and will catch the miscreants pretty soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2017 08:59

Gautamiputra Satakarni Review And Rating

Gautamiputra Satakarni Review

Balakrishna's 100th film release today with huge expectations riding on it. This flick is based on the life story of Gautamiputra Satakarni. Let us go over how director Krish made this film.

Story: Son of Gautami Balasri, Satakarni (Balakrishna) wanted to avoid wars between kings within India. In order to achieve that, his idea was to bring all over the country under one roof. For this mission, he leaves home down south and moves towards north and succeeds but this results in differences with his wife.

On the other hand, Demetrius who is on a mission to achieve the dream of Alexander attacks from Sindh and poisons Satakarni with deceit. How did Satakarni escape this attack? How did he defeat Demetrius? And how did he manage to bring the whole India under one rule? Have to be answered on screen.

Attractions: (Gautamiputra Satakarni Review)


Balakrishna's performance in this film is just extraordinary. Known for skills in mythological roles, he showed his trademark valor and his dialogues were very good. A special mention should be made of Krish who brought out to the screen the greatness of Telugu warrior, who is not much known and the emotional content in the film soars in the penultimate scenes. Sriya's performance as the wife of Satakarni, Vashisti Devi is awesome. The emotional scenes between the couple are spell binding. Hemamalini as Gautami Balasri is another highlight of the film.

Disappointments: (Gautamiputra Satakarni Review)


Though it is apparent that historical films cannot provide ample entertainment, common audience will get disappointment in search of energy, which dissipates after the initial scenes. People generally expect such energy when a description about kings and kingdoms is made but this films lacks it. There is no Krish-mark drama in the film.

Conclusion: This film is a depiction of history of Amaravati and is surely a great attempt made by Krish and Balakrishna. This film will stand as one of the memoirs of Telugu films.

Rating: 3.5/5

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