Thursday, 29 December 2016 22:10

Gold price shoots up

Post note ban, gold prices followed a downward trend with less demand and reached a 11-month low 2 days back. But, the trend reversed suddenly after being low for some time. The rise continued for the second day as the sales rose unexpectedly for the last 10 days.

After dumping the trend on Tuesday, it continued the upward trend again on Wednesday by 175 rupees to 28,200. On the other hand, silver also observed the same trend. It became costlier by 350 rupees at 39,500. Analysts say there has been an increase in purchase of costly metals by coin makers and industry. Meanwhile, international gold prices rose by 0.35 percent to 1142.30 dollars per ounce.

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Here comes a great news for Hyderabad residents. Hyderabad along with other Telangana areas, mobile phone prices will be slashed heavily after the KCR government lower the service tax on phones from 14.5% to just 5%. This move makes the phones all over the state cheaper by 10%. Government discovered that mobile sales has been moving to AP and Karnataka as both states have ongoing 5% tax on mobile phones.

Also the court interfering in tax on phones prompted the government to go ahead with the decision. The bill will come in front of the assembly pretty soon and officials hope that this move will enhance mobile sales in the state and the treasury will be boosted by about 5 crores.

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Friday, 16 December 2016 23:07

Whatsaap to bring in another new option

There is going to be another addition to the top mobile messenger app Whatsaap that is going to be a definite hit with its users. Till now, once the message is sent, it is by all means not in our hands in whatsaap and the sender cannot delete that message in the receiver end. This is a major discomfort to many as messages send by mistake cannot be corrected. But here comes a new option where whatsaap is going to mend this.

Messages sent by users from now on will be in the control of the sender and can be edited, deleted by the sender on the receiver end. The beta version of the new whatsaap will have a revoke button and once this is tapped, the message that is sent can be stopped. This not only stands for messages but also for documents, photos, videos etc. all can be deleted from the receiver. Users are expressing happiness with this new option. This will be available to the users pretty soon.

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Friday, 16 December 2016 22:56

Bitter news to kite flyers

Here comes a bit of sad news for all those kite lovers who have the habit of flying kites, especially in Sankranti season. A blanket ban has been announced on manja nationwide that is widely used in making kites. The reason is the harm caused by metal and glass particles used as mixture to humans and other living beings as well as environment. These orders were given by Swatantra Kumar who heads the tribunal postponing further hearing to February 1st.

The tribunal further ordered the national manja association to file a report with the national pollution control board about the ill effects of manja on environment. A petition was filed by lawyers Sanjay Hegde, Shadan Farasat to ban manja as the season is approaching bringing to the notice the harm it can cause to kite flyers, especially children who are the most vulnerable.

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In an effort to dent the black money holders, prime minister Modi came up with big note ban and introduced 2000 rupee note. But, with growing outcry that 2000 note will further increase black money, reports are that this 2000 note will not stand long. This is disclosed by none other than close associate of Modi and well known auditor Gurumurty. He said that the government will withdraw 2000 note and introduce new 250 rupee notes.

A key member in RSS, Gurumurty is presently a key adviser to PM. He said that 2000 note was printed just to face the cash crunch for the time being and said that the union government is taking measures to bring more 100, 250, and 500 denomination notes into the market.

Meanwhile, RBI suggested people not to stack the money but to bring it into the market. It said that this will put more money into the market and make things easier a little. It stated that since the big note ban, about 12.44 lakh crores of old notes were deposited and that the banks have taken action against the staff for alleged irregularities during this time.

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There have been several rumors about the new 2000 rupee notes after Modi announced the big note ban. Initially, there was a rumor that there is a chip in the 2000 rupee note and any big chunk of this can be caught very easily but this was denied later by RBI. This denial ended that rumor but another one is making rounds about 2000 rupee note as large chunks of them are being caught these days. Social media is abuzz that there is a radio isotope form of phosphorus named P32 used in the ink.

The rumor claims that the presence of this radioisotope is the reason behind the IT officials catching large amounts of illegal accumulation of cash in Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Vellore and other areas. It is possible to detect if large amount of P32 isotope is placed at one place and that is the reason large accumulations of 2000 notes had been caught. The rumor also states that this isotope is not dangerous to health and has no side effects. A clarity on this might come out pretty soon.

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Saturday, 12 November 2016 12:14

Ban of notes should be withdrawn immediately

Apparently, the sensational decision by the government to ban 500 and 1000 rupee notes is lauded by most people. But, there are some people, for their own reasons, who are against this. One among those is MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi who demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision. He came down heavily on the government as this effects drastically people like daily labor, mechanics, plumbers, drivers, etc.

He claimed that India has only 2% cashless transactions and it is not correct to cause difficulties for all others who don’t use this mode. He demanded that people are made helpless as they don’t know what to do and government should withdraw this decision immediately. He also questioned the purpose of introducing 2000 rupee note while banning other higher denomination currency.

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Saturday, 12 November 2016 12:07

Good news to Hyderabadis

At last, the long time dream of people of Hyderabad is going to turn true. The long-awaited metro rail is going to kick start pretty soon. Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy made this announcement today that metro will commence from Ugadi next year. He however also said that if it is not started on Ugadi, it will definitely start on formation day, June 2nd.

He said that the first phase of metro will run between Nagole-Mettuguda, Miyapur-SR Nagar routes. He also said that metro rail works are going on at a brisk pace and there are no issues for this except in the old city area. Reports are that Ugadi will be the d-day for metro rail..happy news guys.

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Friday, 28 October 2016 23:51

High alert in Guntur and Vijayawada

There were proceedings in high court regarding the huge encounter that took place in AOB. When petitioner stated that police from AP crossed the border to take part in the encounter, the court questioned the legality of this and asked the AP government to file a counter and adjourned further hearing till next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, cities of Guntur and Vijayawada are placed in high alert following the encounter 2 days back. Surveillance has been enhanced in all key areas and security is beefed up for representatives of ruling party, offices and camp office. As many as 28 maoists were killed in the encounter while key leaders Gajarla Ravi and RK managed to escape. The maoist party threatened to the extent of suicide attacks on Chandra Babu Naidu and his son Lokesh.

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Friday, 28 October 2016 23:49

AP to face another cyclone, named Kayant

Is AP on the verge of being hit by another cyclone? The answer is apparently yes. The weather center in Vishakhapatnam reported that a severe cyclone is seen in the middle east part of Bay of Bengal. This is named Kayant and reported that this is moving in west-southwest direction at present.

This is located at 610 kilometers northwest of Port Blair and 780 kilometers east of Vizag coast last night. The state will experience heavy rainfall after the next 48 hours with this effect. The department also warned fishermen not to venture into the sea.

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