Tuesday, 13 December 2016 15:39

Modi to throw another bomb on December 31st

Is prime minister going to handover another bomb on December 31st? Sources say yes. With the common man already suffering with the note ban, this news is sending shivers down the spine to many. Many people managed to turned their black money white with the help of some bankers illegally but the most suffering has been faced by the common man.

When inquired deeper regarding that impending statement, there has been no clue so far and the government is taking extreme care not to divulge anything. There are gossips that there are going to be many shocking revelations and decisions in the speech to be given by Modi on December 31st. Analysts say that this is going to be announcement of plastic notes, others say it is going to be another sensational announcement about note ban and many others say that this is going to be a new law about benami and gold regulations. But general public is of the opinion that whatever be the decision, they cannot face any more hardships.

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