Saturday, 05 November 2016 00:28

Superstar reveals his bad habits

Tamil super star Rajini conveyed birthday wishes to senior actor Sivakumar on his 75th birthday. Father of Surya and Karti, Sivakumar got a birthday wish letter from the superstar. He said that Shivkumar advised him to leave out smoking and drinking in order to become a big star.

Rajini divulged in the letter "I learnt a lot of life lessons from Shivakumar in my early days. I used to drink and smoke in those days. He advised to leave them out if I want to become a bigger star and not to spoil my health. I spoiled my health with bad habits. I recovered my physical as well as mental health only after following his advice. I pray god to provide great health and prosperity to Shivakumar who is a man of great character".

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