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Deepa causing sleepless nights to Sasikala

We all know there is political vacuum prevail in Tamil Nadu post death of Jayalalitha. There is war to become the heir of Jaya between two factions, Sasikala and Deepa. With Deepa announcing that she is foraying into politics, this tussle has deepened now. She is the daughter of Jayalalitha's brother Siva Kumar and resembles her to some extent. This resulted in huge following among masses for her. The ploy of confronting the supporters of Sasikala in Marina Beach resulting in some sort of a tussle seems to be premeditated.

Deepa who studied in London was brought up by Jayalalitha in childhood before Deepa's family moved to a different house. Deepa was not allowed to visit Jaya during the 75 days of hospitalization and was kept away from the last rites. These insults coupled with resemblance to her aunt is resulting unparallel support from the people to her much to the dismay of Sasikala and her supporters.

On the occasion of birth anniversary of last MGR, the programs organized turned out to be a war between the two factions. Sasikala herself observed the support Deepa found in the people when she visited the MGR ghat. Though Sasikala managed to pay homage first as she has the power, it took the police hell of a task to clear people for Deepa to visit the ghat. Seems like Deepa is going to cause sleepless nights to Sasikala in the very near future.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 19:58

Sasikala to be CM on 29th

In the wake of political uncertainty in Tamil Nadu after the death of Jayalalitha, it is now almost certain that Sasikala will become the chief minister to cease the crisis. Party sources say that she will swear in as the CM pretty soon. The party all-member meeting is held for 29th of this month in Chennai and there will be an amendment in party constitution relaxing the 5-year membership limit to contest for a post in the party.

This was confirmed by the party presidium chairperson Madhusudhan earlier itself. After the amendment, Sasikala will be elected as the principal secretary of the party and later as the leader of the house in the upcoming assembly session. Paneer Selvam also met Sasikala in Pois Garden after coming back from a 7-day long Delhi tour. Reports are that the above discussion took place in their 10-minute discussion.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 19:57

Muhurtam set for Sasikala's foray

The political equations in Tamil Nadu are getting unpredictable after the death of Jayalalitha. In order to end the political uncertainty, it is reported that the government is planning to bring in Sashikala into the helm. The time is set for 29th of this month when the AIADMK will meet and make her as chief of the party.

Party sources say that the meeting will start at 9:30 on 29th of this month and will be done at Srivari Kalyanamandapam. A whip has been passed to all the 280 elite members as well as 2770 all member group. Other key decisions including making Sashikala chief secretary of the party will be made that day. Reports are that Chinnamma's henchmen will have key posts this time around.

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Apparently, RGV holds his sway in terms of tweeting controversies or making films based on real life stories. He is already facing the ire of the society for his song in the name of castes in Vangaveeti and the song starting Kamma Kaapu has been removed. But, nothing is going to deter him as he is getting ready to make another film. The tweet he made last night about his new venture became a hot topic by morning. Cine people are wondering how this film will end up in terms of controversies.

He announced the name of his next film. He tweeted "Just registered my new film title "Shashikala" it's the story of a very dearest closest friend of a politician and completely fictional." This film will obviously have the backdrop of recently expired Tamil Nadu former CM Jayalalitha and her relationship with her close friend Sashikala. The title itself is creating sensation after the death of Jayalalitha at a time when Sashikala is the talk of the town.

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Friday, 18 March 2016 19:52

Sasikala, the horror entertainer

Mooch was a superhit horror film in Tamil last year. This is now being dubbed into Telugu as Sasikala. The owner of Bheemavaram Talkies, Tummalapalli Ramasatynarayana is releasing this in Telugu, the dubbing and other work is almost done. Directed by Vinu Bharati, this film has lead roles played by Nitin Raj, Jayaraj and Misha Goshal.

Talking about the film, the producer said "This was a super hit film in Tamil. This is a superb horror entertainer filled with thrills and nail-biting stuff. This film is directed by Vinu Bharati who was the disciple of famous director Bharati Raja and his brother Jayaraj plays a crucial role in the flick. Sasikala will be liked by all those who like horror genre." This film has camera by Venkatesh, editing by Siva Y. Prasad, music by Nithin Kartik, produced by Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana, story, screenplay and direction by Vinu Bharati.

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