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Superstar reveals his bad habits

Tamil super star Rajini conveyed birthday wishes to senior actor Sivakumar on his 75th birthday. Father of Surya and Karti, Sivakumar got a birthday wish letter from the superstar. He said that Shivkumar advised him to leave out smoking and drinking in order to become a big star.

Rajini divulged in the letter "I learnt a lot of life lessons from Shivakumar in my early days. I used to drink and smoke in those days. He advised to leave them out if I want to become a bigger star and not to spoil my health. I spoiled my health with bad habits. I recovered my physical as well as mental health only after following his advice. I pray god to provide great health and prosperity to Shivakumar who is a man of great character".

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Tamilians know the kick in watching Rajini's film on the first day. That is the reason there is a huge rush for tickets of his films on the first day and make some crazy attempts to get the tickets. This film is releasing in 5000 theaters worldwide and 650 theaters in Chennai itself. Some theaters are even showing Kabali 24 hours a day.

Simbu who is an ardent fan of Rajini bought 250 tickets for the film. He bought these tickets for a Madhurai theater to watch along with his team. Meanwhile, SS Rajamouli, who is also a huge fan of Rajini was disappointed as he couldn’t watch Kabali on the first day and expressed his disappointment on twitter. He stated that he couldn’t watch Kabali on the first day as he is very busy with Bahubali-2. He said that he would have been immersed in Talaiva mania if he was in the theater.

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Thursday, 03 March 2016 22:29

How much can they amass in 2017?

Sankar and Rajamouli belong to the same class of directors and their one goal is to take the south Indian cinema to the international level and are always busy in their endeavor. Though their approach of hard work for a film is same, they differ in the types of stories they chose. Sankar always tries to give an undercurrent message with his films and has won great respect and laurels through his movies. On the other hand, Rajamouli chooses stories based on history and mythology adding his creativity with pure entertainment. Now, it seems both these top directors are eyeing 2017. In 2015, Rajamouli proved his stamina by making the biggest film in his career through Bahubali.

Sankar faced his biggest flop in 2015 through I. The two started their next moves on the same day and are busy with the production. Sankar is making Robo 2.0 with Rajnikanth. After just completing Kabali, Rajini will join the shoot very shortly. Therefore, both Sankar and Rajamouli announced release of their prestigious projects in summer of 2017. Sankar is also planning to release Robo 2.0 for the next summer and an official date might be announced pretty soon. We have to wait till next summer to know how much these 2 spectacular projects will collect.

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