Apparently, RGV holds his sway in terms of tweeting controversies or making films based on real life stories. He is already facing the ire of the society for his song in the name of castes in Vangaveeti and the song starting Kamma Kaapu has been removed. But, nothing is going to deter him as he is getting ready to make another film. The tweet he made last night about his new venture became a hot topic by morning. Cine people are wondering how this film will end up in terms of controversies.

He announced the name of his next film. He tweeted "Just registered my new film title "Shashikala" it's the story of a very dearest closest friend of a politician and completely fictional." This film will obviously have the backdrop of recently expired Tamil Nadu former CM Jayalalitha and her relationship with her close friend Sashikala. The title itself is creating sensation after the death of Jayalalitha at a time when Sashikala is the talk of the town.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 15:38

Jayalalitha poisoned?

The entire episode of late Jayalalitha's death turned suspicious for many obviously with the drama and suspicious statements by doctors. The list of people who are in favor of foul play is increasing everyday. Actress Gautami even wrote a letter to the prime minister Modi requesting clarification. Some people against her vented their anger by burning her effigy and slapping it with slippers.

But not taking a step back, Gautami wrote another letter to Modi. She pleaded to elaborate on questions about Jayalalitha's death and clear the mystery shrouding it. Jaya's niece Deepa also made some sensational comments. Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP Sashikala Pushpa made some sensational comments. She said that Jayalalitha was poisoned through her food for the last 5 years. She questioned the secrecy in the treatment afforded to Jaya and that there is sure a conspiracy behind the whole incident.

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Apparently, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha is being treated in hospital since 22nd of last month. While everybody is curious about her health, sources from AIADMK made some interesting revelations. They said that she is recovering very fast and is even reading newspapers. They said that doctors informed them the same.

Party's official spokesperson CR Saraswati said that she immediately agreed to the note sent requesting to transfer all portfolio's that Jayalalitha is holding to be transferred to Paneer Selvam. She said that Jaya is conscious now but doctors are not allowing anybody inside fearing infections.

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Saturday, 21 May 2016 12:05

That became true with Amma

After the voting completed in the 5 states, many exit polls predicted a win for Karunanidhi. Axis – My India predicted DMK to get 124 to 140 seats, News Nation survey made the figure of 118 in favor of DMK and India Today also predicted 145 plus seats for DMK. But, the actual results proved the exit polls to be wrong while everyone was thinking that Karunanadhi will regain power like the exit polls predicted.

Only Times Now- C Voter predicted that Jayalalita will retain power there. Local news channels were scrolling breaking news that all the votes that polled after rain on voting day went in favor of Amma. On the other hand, Trinamool Congress made a clean sweep in Bengal.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 08:05

Shock to Amma in Tamil Nadu, fans worried

After the elections are over last evening in Tamil Nadu, the famous exit poll organizer News Nation has come out with its prediction that the people of Tamil Nadu gave DMK the mandate and that Jayalalitha who her followers fondly call Amma will lose the elections this time. According to its survey, AIDMK will win about 95 to 99 seats.

DMK will get around 114 to 118 seats and will form the government. DMDK lead by Vijay Kanth will limit itself to just 14 seats. Though there is going to be a tough fight this time unlike earlier elections, a rude shock is predicted to Amma this time. PMK is not expected to open its account while others may get 9 seats. This has lead to serious distress among Amma fans.

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