Tuesday, 13 December 2016 15:38

Jayalalitha poisoned?

The entire episode of late Jayalalitha's death turned suspicious for many obviously with the drama and suspicious statements by doctors. The list of people who are in favor of foul play is increasing everyday. Actress Gautami even wrote a letter to the prime minister Modi requesting clarification. Some people against her vented their anger by burning her effigy and slapping it with slippers.

But not taking a step back, Gautami wrote another letter to Modi. She pleaded to elaborate on questions about Jayalalitha's death and clear the mystery shrouding it. Jaya's niece Deepa also made some sensational comments. Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP Sashikala Pushpa made some sensational comments. She said that Jayalalitha was poisoned through her food for the last 5 years. She questioned the secrecy in the treatment afforded to Jaya and that there is sure a conspiracy behind the whole incident.

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