Saturday, 26 November 2016 13:19

Prabhas to do Hollywood stunts after Bahubali

Rebel Star Prabhas who is very busy with Bahubali-2 at present is apparently moving to film with his friend Sujith. But there is a risk involved with this flick as expectations will be sky high since it is coming after Bahubali. Director Sujit is aware of this and is planning to make this film on a large scale with high octane action episodes and huge budget.

The stunts in this film will be choreographed by Hollywood stuntman Kenny Bates. The movie unit says the action scenes in this film will be on par with Hollywood and will be very grand. Not stopping there, all these stunts will be picturized in Dubai and other gulf countries prompting Prabhas to stay there for about 2 months. There are high chances that the regular shoot of this film will commence from January end. UV Creations is making this film.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016 00:56

Star heroine wants children but not marriage

Film actors are getting too open these days. They are giving statements with uncluttered mind and are not afraid of the consequences. Recently, one such statement came out from the hottie Mallika Sharawat.

Mallika has been dating businessman Cyrille Auxenfans for the last 2 years. These lovebirds are in deep love and when Mallika was confronted with the question of when they are going to end their love and marry, she gave a shock to the people present with her answer. She reportedly said she has no plans of marriage immediately but would like to have children. She even questioned the relation between marriage and children. Busy with a Hollywood flick at present, she may have children after finishing that project.

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