Saturday, 12 November 2016 12:20

Good news to boozers

Here comes a festival of sorts for boozers in AP. Recognizing the difficulties faced by drinkers who stay far away from the wine shops, the government has decided to open more wine shops. Decision is made to open more bars in beaches as well as municipal corporations. A GO with number 470 to this effect was released by special chief secretary of revenue department Ajay Kallam.

Government gave green signal to sell alcohol in food parlors present in corporations as well as beach areas. According to rules, a minimum of 200 square meters of space is needed to open a bar. Finding out that this is causing difficulties for boozers to fetch far for liquor, a decision is also made to minimize this to 100 square meters. This opens doors for more bars to be opened. Boozers are gong to have a gala time.

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Mobile phones will be cheaper in AP than other states from now on. Revenue department issued a key order in this regard. Getting into the details, at present cell phones, its batteries and chargers are considered schedule 5 category commodities and attract a tax of 14.5% VAT.

Now with the latest change, the government has moved these into category 4, which decreases the VAT from 14.5% to as low as 5%. Therefore, there is going to be a huge decrease in prices of mobile phones, charges and batteries in Andhra Pradesh. Smart phones manufacturers and youth are expressing happiness over this development.

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Another session of trial came before the apex court today about Roja's suspension. The court has issued notices to both the government of AP and assembly secretary and ordered to respond within 7 days. Adjourning further hearing on the case to 21st of this month, the court has ordered responses to the notices before that date. It should be remembered that Roja appealed again in the Supreme Court after the High Court did not do justice according to her from the directions of the Supreme Court earlier.

During the hearing, AP government's lawyer argued that courts should not interfere in the matters of assembly. While agreeing to this argument that courts shouldn’t interfere in the matters of state assembly, the court agreed with Roja's lawyer that courts can intervene if a gross injustice is meted out to a person even in the state assembly. Court felt that it is not fair to say that the action against Roja was taken according to rule 194.

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