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ISM Review And Rating

ISM is the film in the combination of Kalyan Ram Nandamuri and crazy director Puri Jagannath. The film raised expectations with its crisp trailer and Kalyan Ram's makeover. Let us examine whether the expectations are reached or not. (ISM Review And Rating)


A responsible journalist Satya Marthand (Kalyan Ram) wants to end atrocities and corruption in the country after seeing unjust in childhood. He decides to distribute the black money stored in other countries to the farmers and other needy people. He targets the most dread mafia don Javed Bhai (Jagapati Babu) who controls Indian politics and business by staying in Bangkok. How did Satya Martand meet Javed bhai? How did he accomplish his mission of distributing black money to the poor? What is the childhood incident that transformed his life? These have to be seen on big screen.

Attractions: (ISM Review And Rating)

First things first, the major plus point of the film is the total transformation of Kalyan Ram, be it looks or performance. He was super confident as shown in teaser. His mannerisms, expressions and dialogue delivery during emotions worth a mention. Fist half of the film shows his character elevation and building. The pre-climax episode in the second half stands as the highlight of the film. Director Puri managed to balance between a high-level financial scam and the lead pair's love story. As the pace rises, Jagapathi Babu and Kalyan Ram competed with each other in performance during confrontational scenes. Puri concluded the film with a superb climax.

Disappointments: (ISM Review And Rating)

Except the preclimax episode, there is no shock element in the film and the story unfolds on expected lines. First half feels bore as there is no actual story and only shows the love track between the hero and heroine. There is no song that can be remembered. After introducing Jagapati Babu as a menacing don, he was made light of later. When compared to first half, the second half is a bit hurried, further detailing would have been better.

Conclusion: Puri showed his mark in ISM with Kalyan Ram that has social message with commercial elements. (ISM Review And Rating)

Rating: 3/5.

(ISM Review And Rating)