Janata Garage Review And Rating Featured

Janata Garage Review And Rating

After back to back hits of Temper and Nannaku Premato, Young tiger NTR is coming up with Janata Garage in the combination of the most happening director Koratala Shiva. There are huge expectations riding on this flick. Both the hero and the director are looking for a hattrick after delivering 2 successive hits.

Movie: Janata Garage.

Cast: NTR, Samantha, Nitya Menon, Mohanlal, Unni Mukundan, etc.

Music: DSP.

Producer: Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, CV Mohan.

Cinematography: Tiru.

Duration: 162 mins.

Censor certificate: U/A.

Date of release: 01-09-2016.


Anand (NTR) is a nature lover who loves trees that provide oxygen to the life. Since trees are the major protectors of water and air, he tends to fight those who destroy trees. On the other hand Satyam (Mohan Lal) fights corruption and atrocities against people and teaches the baddies a lesson whenever required. But, becomes silent due to unavoidable reasons and keeps thinking for a stronger person as his ally.

During the course, Anand gets worried about a land mining project and reaches Hyderabad on a mission to stall it and gets to know that Unni Mukundan is the man behind it, who gives a deaf ear to Anand's repeated requests. When Anand reaches to the father of the villain, there comes a twist. What is the twist? What are the reasons for Anand joining Janata Garage led by Mohanlal? What do they do for the people thereafter? What happens to the heroines? How does Anand fight mining mafia? Are answered on screen.


NTR in his new look was awesome. His dances are unbelievable. He took the movie to the next level with his impeccable dialogue delivery and spotless performance. Mohanlal in a key role was very good. Watching Mohan Lal on Telugu screen is a special feeling. The two strong characters written by the director are the biggest strengths of the film. Heroine wise, comedy scenes between NTR and Nitya Menon came out well. Love track with Samantha is super. While the movie was story drive, the background score by DSP gave life to it. Quality wise, movie is good.


The big minus of the film is the slow narration. The story woven around two strong characters is very old and clichéd. No story in the first half and no story after 20 minutes in the second half is a big disappointment. The duration of film is also on the negative side. Koratala Shiva failed big time to write a story that pleases and stretched the story more than required. Lack of entertainment is also a big minus.

Conclusion: Everything is good in "Janata Garage"

Rating : 3.25/5