Rojulu Marayi Review Featured

Rojulu Marayi Review

Movie: Rojulu Marayi

Actors: Chetan, Parvateesma, Tejaswi, Kritika, etc

Music: JB.

Story and screenplay: Maruti

Dialogues: Ravi Namburi

Presented by: Dil Raju

Production: Sree Venkateswara Creations, Maruti Talkies, Good Cinema Group.

Producer: G. Srinivasa Rao

Director: Murali Krishna, M.

Release date: July 1, 2016.


Two hostel mates Adhya (Kritika) and Rambha (Tejaswi) keep using two youths Ashwin (Chetan) and Peter (Parvateesam) pretending love while in fact, they love somebody else. While everything was going fine, the two girls who were born on the same Nakshatram get to know about a baba in Srisailam and want to know their future from him. Baba's revelations come as a shock to them and what exactly transpired and how this meeting changed their lives forms the rest of the story.


Chetan was very good as the innocent guy. Parvateesam who stole hearts with his performance in Kerinta once again stole the show with his unique acting style and dialogues and remained as the highlight of the film. Hot Telugu beauty Tejaswi proved her mettle both on the glamour and acting fronts. Kritika managed to pull of some scenes but looked jaded in some scenes. Vasu Intluri did full justice to the role of Vibudhi. Ali's character, besides failing to tickle the funny bones, was irritating. Posani and Jabardast Apparao were all right.



Story by Maruti is good. But the screenplay in the second half was haywire. Director tried and succeeded to some extent to show the story in an entertaining way. Dialogues by Ravi Namburi are very entertaining. Especially, the double meaning ones in the first half will entice the youth. Camera work by Bal Reddy is nice. He showed some locations very well. JB's music was decent. Songs are soothing to the ears and RR at some places was competent. Editing in the second half was not upto the mark. Productions are good for a small film.

APmessenger analysis:


The opening scene between Peter and church father resemble those scenes in recently released Lovers. Though the story by Maruti was good, it sounded a bit routine. The movie, in the first half, stood true to the title showing the girls' trend in the society at present, how they are now superior in intelligence and how they are using boys to their advantage and suddenly the film enters into the horror mode. While showing how things changed now when compared to olden days the second half showed how the characters in the film changed according to the circumstances. The adult comedy between Peter and Rambha in the first part of the film was entertaining but very crude. While the first half was breezy with ample entertaining, the second half was a complete opposite and was boring at many places. Ali was big disappoint and was a total waste. Logic also went for a toss as to why Vibudhi, who was shown very serious in the first half, suddenly turns comedian. This film will be a time pass for those who keep logic aside and just want entertainment.

Rating: 3