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Rayudu review and rating

Rayudu review and rating


Movie: Rayudu.

Cast: Vishal, Sree Divya, Suri, Leela, Radharavi, RK Suresh, etc.

Director: Muttaiah.

Presented by: Vishal Film Factory.

Producer: Hari.

Release date: 27-05-2016.


Rayudu (Vishal) works as an amali in Anantapur market yard and lives working as a labor in the yard. He loses his parents in his childhood and lives with maternal grandmother. He loves his grandmother to the core and can do anything for her. He wanted to marry Bhagya Lakshmi (Sree Divya) that his granny likes. Does he succeed in doing so. How does he save Bhagya Lakshmi from a big trouble. These have to be watched on screen. Rayudu review and rating


Vishal did full justice to the ultra mass character of Rayudu. Sri Divya was superb as village belle. Malayali actress Leela was top notch as the grandmother Annamma alias Mangamma. Suri has the audience in laughs as a Kokkarako. Strong villains are the heart of mass entertainers and Radharavi and Suresh did their best as Bhairavudu and Rolex Ravi. Adira Lakshim did a cameo as Karrasamu Bhanumati and she was good.

Technical values:

Cinematographer Vel Raj provided the mass look necessary for this flick. This is a big plus to the film. Action sequences by Anal Arasu were good. Especially, fights before interval and another fight sequence in fields worth a mention. All songs by D Iman are good. Two songs, Atta Kutur Jatka Bandi and Kuruku Choopu Kurrada are nice to the ears. Screenplay and direction by Muttiah is a big asset to the film.

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Though the director concentrated more on hero characterization and his elevation that was bit boring during the first half, he left the whole story and even to the second that was very interesting. Director's experience of 2 films is a big plus. He succeeded in showcasing Vishal in a pure mass role. He balanced between the heroic scenes and comedy and sentiment scenes well. Background score was superb, it elevated some of the action scenes very well. Music director should be patted on the back for the RR he provided. Though this film will be just okay for class audience, mass audience will enjoy this to the core.

Rating: 3.25/5

Rayudu review and rating