'24' Review And Rating Featured

'24' Review And Rating

24 in the combination of Manam fame Vikram Kumar and Tamil super star Surya got released today. Surya has been desperate for a superhit off late with his last few films not doing so well. Let us see if has quenched his thirst.

Siva Kumar (Surya) is a scientist who invents a watch that can control time. But by the time the experiments yield result, his brother Athreya (Surya) kills Siva Kumar and his wife to get the watch but Siva manages to hid and his only son from the evil eyes of Athreya. During the tussle, Athreya also gets injured and falls into coma. Siva's son Mani (Surya) grows up under the care of Satya Bhama and accidentally finds out the watch. Now, Athreya gets up from coma after 26 years and is after the watch. Does Athreya end up getting the watch? How does Mani avenge the murder of his parents? What is Samantha in the film? Answers to be found on screen.



We will be spell bound by the novelty in the story as well as the performance of Surya in 3 roles. The antagonist role was just superb. The influence of Hollywood films is clearly seen. Director managed to narrate the story without any boring elements. Heroines Samantha and Nitya Menon did justice to their roles though Nithya's character is just for 20 minutes. Samantha stole the hearts as usual with her cute expressions.

Uninteresting aspects:


The main theme of hero avenging his father's death is not new. Also, the climax is just average. Music by Rahman is not upto his standard and their picturization is not that pleasing to the eyes. The romantic track is a bit lengthy.


People who liked Aditya 369 will definitely like this. This stands as rare film among experimental flicks

Rating:   3.25/5